Mosquito and Tick Control 

Want to comfortably enjoy being outdoors, whether on the beach, while hiking, or simply in your backyard, without needing to worry about swatting away bugs? Want a product safe for your whole family? We’ve got you covered. 

Explore our complete line of mosquito and tick control products below. Our products protect for up to 4 hours. And, because our patent pending formula is all-natural, all our products are safe for the whole family to use, including kids and pets. 

1- Personal on-skin spray (to protect you, your kids, and your pets) (link to buy coming soon)

2- Misting backyard spray (to keep the air around you mosquito- and tick-free) (link to buy coming soon)

3- Hose spray (to keep your backyard bushes, shrubs and other plants mosquito- and tick-free) (link to buy coming soon)

4- Mosquito Larvae and Eggs Control (spray to control mosquito larvae and eggs in small bodies of water to help keep your space mosquito-free) (link to buy coming soon)

Did you know?

Mosquitoes and ticks find their food using receptor proteins found in their antenna and mouth. These receptors belong to a large group of olfactory and gustatory sensing proteins. Our innovative products are highly effective at repelling and/or killing mosquitoes and ticks by disrupting and blocking the normal physiology of these sensing proteins.

You can learn more about GENVIRO’s one-of-a-kind technology and how our products work here

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