Our Founder

Essam Enan, Ph.D., DPH

Dr. Essam Enan is the founder of GENVIRO and the scientific mind behind our technology. He was the first in the world to discover the mode of action of certain plant essential oils and published several scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals on his discoveries. Our founder, Dr. Essam Enan, was the first in the world in 1996 to discover that octopamine receptors (Enan 2001, 2005) and tyramine receptors (Enan 2005, 2010) are  primary targets for many plant essential oils. His discoveries have since been used in many products found on the market. His expertise on the potential uses and benefits of plant essential oils is unmatched. It's this expertise that earned him the title “Father of Plant Essential Oils” from his peers. 

He has over 40 years of academic and industrial research experience. He has published over 100 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is also the inventor of more than 50 patents in the field of all-natural products for pest control and other pathological organisms.

Dr. Enan has had several key discoveries and breakthroughs in the fields of pesticide chemistry and toxicology, vector control, biochemistry, molecular biology, G-protein coupled receptors and plant essential oils which have had significant impacts on the natural insecticides industry. In 1996, Dr. Enan’s discovery that octopamine receptors in insects are a target for some plant essential oils helped an insecticide company raise millions of dollars and successfully produce and sell effective natural insecticides. In 2004, Dr. Enan was the first in the world to clone the octopamine receptor (Enan 2004). In 2003, Dr. Enan invented a cell-based screening platform to create essential oil blends effective at killing insects. This screening platform led to the creation of another company which successfully produced and sold effective natural insecticides and eventually went public on the London Stock Exchange. In 2014, Dr. Enan developed the proprietary platform that is the foundation and secret of success for all of GENVIRO's products.
Dr. Enan is passionate about providing environmentally safe and all-natural products that will greatly improve the quality of life for animals, plants, and humans, and has spent his career perfecting his science and inventions to achieve this goal.

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